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October 14th

At Nonstop Games, we don’t have time for Monday blues when there’s a great night of games and pizza ahead! Think you can beat us at a game of Citadel? Take a look at http://www.nonstop-games.com/jobs
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October 9th

Last week Dannie Sim, Senior Developer at Nonstop Games presented “How we did 60fps in our 3D RTS mobile game”. If you missed the session you can watch it @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhYriLMnLHI

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October 1st

Looking for inspiration! It’s Wednesday afternoon and we want to get our creative juices flowing. What do we do? Well, all the artists get together for a collaborative sketch session. Want to join our team? We are looking for talented… Read more

August 13th

Here at Nonstop Games, the fun is never-ending! Nonstop Games is expanding and we’ve got a whole bunch of cool new positions open! We’re looking for fun-loving people who are just as passionate about games as we are, so if… Read more