10 Reasons to Join Nonstop Games

Posted on October 3rd, by blanca in Blog.

1. Making Games for Gamers

Get focused on creating games for gamers! Nonstop Game’s objective is to make games that real gamers, like us, can enjoy, including complex strategy, alliances and PvP.

2. International Startup

Nonstop Games is a startup with team members from all over the world and one common thing: our passion for games. Our flat hierachy allows us to have the freedom to try new things and be more flexible in terms of ideas.

3. Everyone’s opinion counts

Our office is an open landscape that invites for casual and open discussions about different aspects of the games. Currently the whole team is 100% focused on Heroes of Honor and all opinions and ideas are not just welcome but helping us to improve this project every day.

4. Achieve big things and be proud of what you do

Nonstop Games is an ambitious new-age gaming start-up with solid financing. We target to be the leader in mobile and tablet games by tailor-making the games from the start for touch devices. We have a very talented team, great ideas and a high desire of doing what we like the most: Games that we’d like to play ourselves.

5. Latest Tech

At Nonstop Games, we use the latest technology in mobile and tablet development. This helps us to create  cutting-edge games for smartphones and tablets. As a startup we can concentrate on getting the best out of the newest technology without the burden of legacy systems.

6. Legendary parties

Although we enjoy what we are doing and we work hard to achieve our goals, once in a while we leave our office and go out to have a great party, dinner or other fun stuff.

7. Live in Singapore

Who wouldn’t like to live in a modern metropolis with endless summer? Who hasn’t dreamed of a house with a pool where you can swim 365 days a year? Who doesn’t want to travel to paradise islands without spending a fortune? If you aren’t one of those weird people that wouldn’t like all this, Singapore is your city.

 8. Casual Fridays every day of the week

Leave your suit, your heels and your tie at home and come to work as comfortable as you want.

9. The equipment you want

Decide freely the equipment you want to work with. MacBook Air/Pro, PC, Air-Guitar? Choose what you need to do a great job and we pay the bills.

10. Help in relocation to Singapore

If you are not in Singapore but you are willing to come, don’t worry! We will help you to relocate here, to get the Employment Pass, a medical insurance, to look for an apartment and anything else you need.